About Us

For more than 12 years in the independent aftermarket, the company is a reference in distribution and manufacturing of original auto parts.

Drift Brazil operates in the mobility sector and is guided by technology, innovation, and sustainability, developing solutions for the Brazilian automotive segment in synergy with its national and international partners. Today, the business of which Drift is part is composed of more than 20 global companies, all of which are references in their markets. Of great importance and benefit, all these relationships between partners are directly linked to the exchange of technology, and correlate innovation, technology, and quality to all Klaüs-Drift products. In early 2015, the union between Drift Brasil and Klaüs Corporation was formalized, both being, respectively, references in distribution and manufacturing of original parts. Due to their respective histories of success, the company was born responsible for a large part of the supply of the Brazilian aftermarket. More than 960,000 pumps and 12,000 electric fans are sold annually, among other products. Its entire catalog is manufactured using European technology, whose products are known as "100% original". This means that it supplies the aftermarket with the same inputs used in large assembly lines. All products have original factory quality.

Technology & Innovation

Our history has always been built on the vectors: Technology, Innovation and Sustainability. Basis for diversified solutions developed for the worldwide automotive segment, in line with its national and international partners, Klaüs Drift Brazil always offers the best in auto parts.

The joining of the two operations brought to the Brazilian market innovative processes in terms of product creation, large scale production and strategic commercialization: Klaüs with the differential of British technology applied to automotive creation and production, and Drift with the whole relationship and strong distribution network.

A continuous capacity to transform information into real-time intelligence is the basis of the group's competitiveness.

Philosophy and values

Our mission is to provide the manufacturing and aftermarket with products and services of excellence in quality - with innovation and technology - in a competitive way, and to be part of the personal satisfaction of each of our partners, customers and final consumers.
Nossa visão é tornar-se referência no mercado global, estando entre as empresas líderes do setor – por meio de seus produtos e serviços – como uma empresa parceira, profissional e de alta performance.
- Valorização do ser humano - Respeito às relações comerciais e de parceria - Empreendedorismo - Busca por excelência - Responsabilidade Socioambiental



Our team is ready to serve you in a professional way and give total support, come meet our newest automotive releases.

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